Julian Pawlowski

Remove user consent for Graph Explorer or Command Line Tools

Understanding User Consent for Microsoft Graph API Access Microsoft provides several ways to interact with the Microsoft Graph API, as outlined in their SDK overview. While many of these methods are designed for software developers, administrators often interact with the API through the Microsoft Graph Command Line Tools for scripting, or the Graph Explorer for learning and investigating the API. These tools use a method known as user-delegated authorization, where a cloud application provided by Microsoft acts as an intermediary between the user’s account and the Microsoft Graph API.

Create app consent custom role for Microsoft Graph

About App Consent for Microsoft Graph App consent in Microsoft Entra is a crucial part of maintaining security and privacy within your Microsoft 365 environment. It allows applications to access specific resources, like user data or groups, ensuring that they only have access to the data they need. Typically, the roles of Cloud Application Administrator or Application Administrator are responsible for managing these app consent requests, as they have the necessary permissions to approve or deny access to these resources.